The Congressional Club Cookbook was published for the first time in 1927. It is so striking how each edition of the cookbook over the years has reflected the social and political values of the period.

The very first edition offered as advice for one particular dish: “So easy to prepare, you won’t need to rely on a maid.” That edition is also memorable for its instructions on “Substitutes for Intoxicating Liquors in Food Products,” and another notation provided a recipe on how “To Preserve a Husband.”

Although some wives “insist on keeping them in pickle, while others keep them in hot water, even poor varieties may be made sweet, tender and good by garnishing them with patience… and (serving them) peaches and cream. When thus prepared they will keep for years.”

In addition to fabulous recipes, the 14th Edition features Inaugural Ball Portraits of Presidents and First Ladies from President and Mrs. Calvin Coolidge to President and Mrs. George W. Bush. It also has photos of historic sites around Washington, D.C.

This new and unique collection of recipes represents the diverse ethnic backgrounds, regional customs, and family traditions of our members and their spouses. The book is at home on the coffee table or on the kitchen shelf, as a gift given or a gift received, whether you like to cook or just collect. This beautiful cookbook is a symbol of a collection of friendships that our members cherish.

Publishing the Congressional Club cookbook has been one of the Club’s most important projects. It supports the building and maintenance of the Clubhouse and the variety of activities that the Club has offered over the years. Each year, revenue generated from cookbook sales also helps support monetary contributions made by The Congressional Club to a variety of local charities.

We present to you the 14th Edition of The Congressional Club Cookbook, published in 2006.

Sample recipes of the Members of the House & Senate, and Supreme Court Justices!


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